Services We Hope to Provide


The Renewal Center is about growth, improved solutions, integrated systems and better resources for those struggling with homelessness.

The Renewal Center will include:

  • Programs that are housing andengagement centered

  • Integrated Services—community single point of entry and data sharing

  • Co-location with County and nonprofit agencies

  • Elimination of service gaps

    • Day Services: where people can safely hang out without fear of being nudged along

    • Low Barrier Sheltering

    • Medical and Behavioral Health on site

    • Pet, laundry, storage, clothing

  • Increased sheltering for families (10-15 family rooms)

Services will be far more extensive:

Double the number of beds in Sabbath House to 50, add 10-15 family rooms, create a single entry point that houses kitchen/dining room, a low barrier shelter (100 year-round beds), pet services, a day center, vocational training, showers, free store, etc. The final part of the campus will be focused on physical and mental health including collaborating partners from private hospitals to public county services.

Our research into models throughout the state and country is ongoing. We are canvassing for the most effective services from the human change perspective as well as the operational, structural, and community impact perspectives.