It’s not just about relocating or rebuilding. It’s all about renewal.

As a local organization committed to restoring those suffering from isolation to community integration, we believe the Renewal Center represents one of the most significant opportunities that Chico has ever seen to change how we help move people from homelessness into stability.

Our Approach

Where it all started.

This effort began with the Jesus Center leadership and Board of Directors taking a step back from looking at the growing issue of homelessness solely from the perspective of their own organization. Instead, they made a concerted effort to use a “community lens” to identify the strengths and core competencies of other agencies and service providers to determine gaps in services and opportunities to collaborate for enhanced efficiencies and outcomes.

And that really is just the beginning.  


What do we mean by Renewal?

Renewal in our commitment to offer paths to new life for those who are experiencing homelessness • Renewal in the spaces we serve so that the very environment we function in “speaks” caring, dignity, value and hope • Renewal in our efforts to add and improve services to help participants make clear and measurable steps towards stability and housing wherever possible • Renewal in our efforts to collaborate with other providers to ensure our services are efficient and effective in meeting the needs of our homeless neighbors in Chico.


Our Goals

Renewing hope and dignity in all we serve.

The Renewal Center is about growth, improved solutions, integrated systems and better resources for those struggling with homelessness.

Our community is no longer able to approach the growing number and complexity facing our homeless neighbors the same way we did a decade ago. We are needing to study, adjust, work together and to innovate.

The Renewal Center will include:

  • Programs that are housing and engagement centered

  • Integrated Services—community single point of entry and data sharing

  • Co-location with County and nonprofit agencies

  • Elimination of service gaps

    • Day Services: where people can safely hang out without fear of being nudged along

    • Flexible sheltering for specialized population

    • Medical and Behavioral Health on site

    • Pet, laundry, storage, clothing

  • Increased sheltering for families (10-15 family rooms)

Low Barrier Shelter Concept

 The Renewal Center Team


Tom DiGiovanni
Project Manager
Principal, New Urban Builders

Matt Gallaway
Principal Architect
C.E.O., Russell, Gallaway Associates, Inc

Mike Trolinder
Director, Location Arts

Laura Cootsona
Executive Director
Jesus Center

Shelly Watson
Program Director
Jesus Center

Amber Abney-Bass
Assistant Director
Jesus Center